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Agrikol agristructural glass and greenhouse

Agrikol training program

Agrikol training program

Agrikol doo now has a training center for all new employees. We have many interested candidates in Serbia, and we wish to engage wiling candidates throughout the Balkans.

We believe that the foundation of success in the industry is quality work, done by a qualified team. We therefore require for all applicants to under-go a testing ot training program, in order for us to ensure this.

Our program includes training in the following categories:




-water tank installation



After undergoing the training program, potential employees are put through detailed testing their categories. Training last 7 days, and testing 6. Existing workers who wish to expand their field of work are welcome to train as well.

The goal of this project is to professionally train individuals in the listed job fields. We aim to secure the complete satisfaction of our associates. This program will assure professionalism in the work area and remarkable outcomes on the construction site

Agrikol training program